Case Studies

Originality and Impactful Press – A Digital PR Success Story

We were extremely excited when Originality came to us to start a digital PR campaign. Not only does Originality have a great product, but it is also relatively new, giving us a great opportunity to craft a successful campaign. With a bit of creativity and good old-fashioned PR work, Impactful Press was able to come up with an impactful campaign that delivered real results.

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BrandBuilders: Digital PR Case Study

Our Digital PR campaign for BrandBuilders aimed to boost organic SEO ranking. We focused on obtaining high-quality backlinks, raising brand awareness, and driving traffic to the BrandBuilders website. Additionally, our goal was to increase their profile in the industry, achieving this through securing media coverage within the marketing niche.

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Sapien x Digital PR Case Study

The objectives we have set for ourselves are to strengthen organic SEO rankings by getting high-quality backlinks and driving traffic to the client's website. Furthermore, we attempt to extend the brand's visibility to a broader demographic and amplify its status within the sector by targeting featured placements in top publications.

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