BrandBuilders: Digital PR Case Study

By Published On: January 4, 20241.4 min read
Digital PR campaign Case Study
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With over 10 years of experience and a top-notch team of niche website creators, BrandBuilders offers a comprehensive website management service. Covering day-to-day operations, content creation, backlinks, and technical maintenance, BrandBuilders prioritizes enhancing site speed and resolving errors to ensure the best possible user experience for visitors.



Our Digital PR campaign for BrandBuilders aimed to boost organic SEO ranking. We focused on obtaining high-quality backlinks, raising brand awareness, and driving traffic to the BrandBuilders website. Additionally, our goal was to increase their profile in the industry, achieving this through securing media coverage within the marketing niche.


Strategy and Execution

A great deal of attention has been given to AI, such as ChatGPT and Google Bard. We have seen a consistent trend of marketers utilizing AI tools in their workflows. To get a better grasp on the way marketers perceive AI, and to construct relevant findings that would be of value to the media, we have made the decision to launch a survey focusing on this interesting topic.


Since there are already many surveys about AI and marketers, we wanted a fresh angle to grab the media’s attention. We settled on comparing AI and marketers’ creativity.


To ensure that our results were accurate, we performed a trial survey before launching the full version and the results proved to be in line with our expectations.


Wrapping up

Surveying can be a great tool for setting your brand apart and showcasing your expertise in a specific area. Not only does it show you are keeping up with relevant topics, but it also reinforces your authority by providing meaningful data.


Amel Sadikovic

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