Sapien x Digital PR Case Study

By Published On: January 4, 20241.6 min read
Digital PR Case Study
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Sapien is a turnkey service for high-quality data labeling, aiding mid-market AI models in bridging the performance gap with Big Tech. Sapien offers immediate access to a diverse, global pool of economically motivated labelers.


They are seeking ways to enhance their brand visibility and are interested in collaborating with one of our clients,—an all-encompassing content creation quality control tool. It provides an easy-to-use Fact-Checking Aid, AI Plagiarism Checker, and a Readability Score Checker, offering ideal scores to improve the Google ranking.



The objectives we have set for ourselves are to strengthen organic SEO rankings by getting high-quality backlinks and driving traffic to the client’s website. Furthermore, we attempt to extend the brand’s visibility to a broader demographic and amplify its status within the sector by targeting featured placements in top publications.


Strategy and Execution

In line with the client’s niche, our research delved into the realm of AI and quality control. We discovered that more publishers and editors are relying on AI for streamlined paraphrasing or rewriting, and we recognized the significance of investigating potential drawbacks in these tasks.


We identified a crucial aspect: the frequently overlooked consideration of sentiment in rewritten text. Sentiment plays a pivotal role in shaping how readers perceive the significance of an event, extending beyond news content to evoke specific emotions.


To conduct a more in-depth investigation, we analyzed the sentiment of 100 articles. Three LLMs (ChatGPT, Claude2, and Llama2) each rewrote every piece, and we assessed the sentiment of the modified text using, a tool from one of our clients. Subsequently, we compared these sentiment ratings to the original article’s sentiment rating.


Wrapping up

We created a digital PR campaign that is credible, relatable, and newsworthy by recognizing an “insight gap” in the current content of our client’s niche. This technique guarantees that the targeted audience has a positive view of both and Sapien.

Amel Sadikovic

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