Originality and Impactful Press – A Digital PR Success Story

By Published On: October 10, 20233.5 min read

We were extremely excited when Originality came to us to start a digital PR campaign. Not only does Originality have a great product, but it is also relatively new, giving us a great opportunity to craft a successful campaign. With a bit of creativity and good old-fashioned PR work, Impactful Press was able to come up with an impactful campaign that delivered real results.

Originality knew that they had a great product, but they wanted to get more eyes on the service. Impactful Press was able to come up with an article that delved into OpenAI’s new GPTBot and took a look into what major websites were blocking it.

With the entire world seemingly talking about AI, and Originality’s own presence in the space, a research article on OpenAI’s GPTBot was a perfect fit. Not many people were talking about, or doing research on, the topic, allowing us to work in that digital PR sweetspot.


  • Improve Originality’s organic SEO ranking
  • Acquire high DR backlinks
  • Enhance Originality’s brand awareness
  • Increase website traffic and increase subscription sales

Strategy and Execution

In order to find something that connects with a mass audience, we decided to touch on the hot-button issue of ChatGPT and all that it can do. When OpenAI released details on how to block its site crawling bot, GPTBot, we thought it would be very interesting to see what major sites wanted nothing to do with it.

At its highest level, the study is simple and relatable to anyone interested in the topic. The hard work is under the hood, where hours of research were spent analyzing the top 1,000 websites. Once our data scientists had a good chunk of data, we were able to draw reasonable conclusions and share our findings with the world!

Once the article was complete, the PR work began. In the hands of our highly qualified digital PR team, they found websites and journalists who may be interested in the report. All it takes is one major publication to reference your work, but in this case, there were multiple. There is then a massive trickle-down effect as fewer DR publications and websites pick up the story and continue to cite your work.


In this particular job, we were able to gain 325 backlinks, including 34 that were over 80 DR! This campaign was instantly picked up by high DR sites like The Guardian, CNET, Mashable, and Business Insider. 

This particular campaign started on August 19, and as we can see from the graph below, almost immediately took off. The article continued to get notice and hit 165 domain referrals in less than a month. 

The fallout from this campaign not only secured many organic backlinks, but also drove organic traffic back to Originality’s site, generating new potential customers that may not have ever heard of the service otherwise. 

Originality.AI was anchored 29 times, getting its name and brand out there organically to a new audience. Not only will this drive traffic to the site, but it will establish Originality as a trusted brand in the space, further cementing its credibility and product with customers.

Wrapping Up

All in all, this was an extremely successful campaign. It goes to show what a little bit of creativity and expertise can do for a digital PR project. By touching on a subject that is not only relevant to Originality’s site, but also a hot-button issue for most of the world right now, we were able to produce a truly successful campaign.

In this project, we were able to acquire 325 backlinks, 34 backlinks over 80 DR, organic traffic, and additional credibility for our client. Think about the possibilities for your brand, and how Impactful Press can give your site a completely natural boost.

If you are looking to organically elevate your brand, digital PR is a great option. Not only will you be viewed as an expert in your space, but you’ll also grow your site and customer base to levels you may never thought was possible!

Amel Sadikovic

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